CutAPrice make sure for respect of all affiliates attached with its services. We carefully made and use of policies to protect our affiliates. We are always ready to update or made new policies ad per requirement and protection of our clients, suppliers, stakeholder and affiliates.

We never ever share or leak any details, contacts or information about using our services. We protect all types of information we have and never break this trust of our affiliates, clients and users. Our data is maintained as per following privacy policy:

1. Information we Collect:

We collect only necessary information of our users if necessary. CutAPrice only collect such information which can be helpful to us for reaching users if required.

2. Use of Your Information:

When you subscribed our services, newsletter or use our service, we have collected your information for only contact use and never use this information for any other purpose or something.

3. Using of Cookies:

We, CutAPrice used cookies for collection of clients and affiliates information for only original use. We maintain shopping records and used this information for further updates purposes. We also maintain returning clients ledger by cookies.

4. Upgrading of Policy & Terms:

The using of our “CutAPrice” service is subject to accept of our all terms and polices. We also inform that the terms and policies can be changed any time for further upgrade of law and client safety. If there is any changes in policies, we will send a newsletter to our subscriber.